1 Nov 2015
Post Thumbnail of The constant weight battle

Nearly 3 years after I began this weight loss journey I still find things to struggle with. Today is no different yet in that same breath it’s very different. For the first time since reaching my “goal” weight I found myself thinking. “You are too thin.”
I recently had a tummy …

27 Apr 2015
Post Thumbnail of Body Shamming

I feel compelled once again to address this subject.
I will first have to admit I am a facebook pig. lol. I am there way to often.
But every day when I login. Over and over I see posts body shamming. Skinny girls calling everyone ugly, fat girls saying curves are better, …

26 Mar 2015
Post Thumbnail of Discovering Me

I have completed my very first novel “Discovering Me” and erotic, adult romance.
It’s currently in the editing stages and I have myself just completed a couple re writes.
I can’t honestly put into words how excited I am. Not because I am going to publish it but because I DID it. …

19 Feb 2015
Post Thumbnail of New Art 4 The Haters

Meet Boo! She has some feelings for you..lol
Yes I’ve come back! It’s been awhile but that’s ok because no one ever reads this blog anyway. Right?
But it’s still MY space on the net. Where I can say whatever I want whenever I wish.
Recently I’ve been seeing a lot of body …

26 Nov 2014
Post Thumbnail of Adventures in Writing

Awhile ago I was speaking with some friends about dreams I had been having (of the sexual nature) and a couple of them flat out told me “Girl you need to be writing this stuff down.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing OR what they were suggesting.
Many moons ago …

5 Sep 2014
Post Thumbnail of Beauty is not a Number

Beauty is not a number on a scale.
It’s not the number on the pair of pants you buy.
It’s not the letter on that top you wear.
The letter “s” on that shirt does not define your beauty.
Nor does those three letters “xxl”.
The number “0” does not make you better.
The number “4x” …

12 Aug 2014
Post Thumbnail of Is it selfish?

Last night my heart broke with such sorrow over hearing the news that a beloved icon had taken his own life.
Robin Williams was only 63 when he lost his battle with his inner demons that had plagued him for many years.
Today I woke to read an article on #TMZ with …

3 Jul 2014
Post Thumbnail of My Superman

Today the very first image of Henry Cavill as Superman for Batman vs Superman was released and I have to say I was very shocked at what I seen.
The detail in the image is great and you start guessing to all the many different ways they may take this movie.
The …

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