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This will be just a brief introduction to how I became an online business owner.

A couple years ago I began a battle with the government to win disability and during that time I became very down about not really being able to do much anymore.

My mother had been online marketing for about 2 years by this point and offered me a job running one of her online Traffic Exchanges.
This was not something I had ever really thought I would be interested in, But my mother always thought I would be good at it as I can be quite good with people.

About a year an a half ago I decided to take the plunge and join her in running a traffic exchange.
At first I had no idea what I was doing, but I could talk so people warmed up to me quite quickly, Then as time went on and I started to read forums and posts by other exchange owners I got the hang of what I was doing and became quite good at it.

Running a traffic exchange is a forever learning proccess and it’s not something I would recommend for everyone.
There are certain skills required to do it day after day and if your not willing to learn and hone those skills you might want to try and find something else.

Some now discribe me as “tough” or “Hard Headed” but I do what I need to do to make my business run successfully. Some see this as a very negative quality but I believe in what I do and if I go around being miss nice nice all the time then my business will fail.
I do not intend to allow my business to fail there for I will remain “Tough” and “Hard Headed” saying things as they are not what you may want them to appear.

I will talk more about running Water’s Edge Hits, as well as taking the plunge and running a new traffic exchange called Hard Rock Hits.

Join me in my journey as you never know what you may learn.

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Posted by Tami Croft   @   21 August 2009 0 comments

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