Don’t tell me I can’t!

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Someone recently said to me “People on disability should not have children” it was in response to a comment someone else had said to me before I got pregnant about how I should not have kids because I am disabled.
This infuriated me! How DARE someone tell me that I can’t be a mother because I am disabled!
Where do people get off judging another person and their capabilities.

YES I have limitations, YES I am on disability and live off government money and YES they give me money to support my child but even THEY never said “Oh sorry Tami your disabled so don’t bother to get pregnant or your on your own!”
My worker was actually happy for me!

It pisses me off that people have the nerve to think they know everything and how everything should work.
Just because I have limits does not mean I can not be a perfectly functioning mother.

In fact I am PERFECTLY capable of doing this and I prove that everyday!
I am 100% committed to giving my son the best life ever, even though I am on disability!
He will never want for anything, and will never be spoiled.
Sure there will be things he will WANT and that I can not afford but I will make sure that he has everything he needs.

I am pretty much doing this on my own.
I’ve got great parents and awesome friends, People who back me up when I need a helping hand.
The only extra support I get is from the government and I am grateful for what they do give me to help support him.
And for a person to judge me for that makes me angry.
You don’t know me, You don’t know what I can and can’t do so shut up!

I had just as much right to be a mother as anyone else, limitations or not.

When I found out I was pregnant I spent those months saving money and buying everything I could with the little extra cash I had so that when he came I would be ready and not need to worry about how I would get through.
I really honestly thought it would be hard but it’s actually not as hard or scary as I thought.
I rely on NO ONE for money or support 95% of the stuff my son has I bought with my own money.
Yep I’ve borrowed money to get some stuff but I’ve ALWAYS paid it back in full.
I don’t need anyone because I know now I can do this all on my own.

So don’t tell me I CAN’T because each time someone says that I prove them wrong.

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