1st rule..acceptance

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I remember when I went to take the fibromyalgia class they have at St. Joe’s hospital, The doctor said to me the first rule you need to know is acceptance.
People who live with a chronic illness struggle daily, but there are so many who are in denial.
“Accept that you have a chronic illness to begin moving forward”

Moaning and groaning about it each and every day only takes you back.
Life should be about moving forward not backwards, and until you accept the fact that there are just some things in life that can and will NOT change you will be stuck in a horrible cycle of self pity.

I’ve heard many stories of people saying “Oh yeah this person all they do is complain about how much pain they are in and how they can’t do this or that because of their illness” THOSE people have not yet accepted that they have that illness and are living in the “PITY ME PARTY HAT“.

YES I have days where I will actually complain about how awful I feel at that moment, But you will not catch me going on and on and on and on and on about it, Not now….before when I was still in denial yep but not now.

I do not seek the attention of others, I do not need you to feel sorry for me I can do that pretty good on my own.

Many people do not even know I live in chronic pain, Why? because I don’t let on.
I’ve accepted the fact that for the rest of my live I will be in pain everyday, I have fibromyalgia among a few other things….I’ve accepted the fact that these things will not just magically go away.
There is at this time NO cure for Fibro and I am ok with that….because I’ve accepted it.

So instead of crying and moaning and groaning, so some soul searching and say to yourself .. “OK this is how my life is now going to be, I accept that and now I will live each day the best I can”.
Once you do that I promise things tend to look a little more brighter at the end of that tunnel!

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Posted by Tami Croft   @   4 January 2012 0 comments

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