1-2 Dollar Dolphin Sale!

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Do you love dolphins? Know someone else who loves dolphins?
Well then do I have a sale for you…Best of all it’s all going to a good cause!

I’ve been collecting dolphins since I was 15 and since then anyone and everyone has bought me anything and everything dolphin…lol
Yep you name it and I probably have it!

But my style has changed and I am now about to down size my collection to just a select few.

I was going to just give it all away, but then I had an idea…..(yes I have them from time to time)
Why not SELL them for cheap and donate the money to charity!
Many of you know I work with Amnesty International in their fight against the abuse of women and children (as well as the rights of men but thus far I’ve really gone gun hoe on violence against women and children)
So it would be only fitting that I continue this tradition in some fashion.

I will not be donating the money to Amnesty however.
I have decided I would donate to 1 or 2 places that I myself have used in the past.

The 2 I have chosen are:
DAYA – Daya is a non profit counseling center in the heart of London Ontario.
I’ve sought the help of my counselor on 4 different occasions and through her support and that of Daya I was able to over come a lot of the obstacles I had put in front of myself.
I am actually going to heading back today sometime this year for further improvements in my life and would love nothing more then to bring with me this donation from everyone :)
SACL (The Sexual Assult Clinic Of London) is another non profit center for the survivors of many forms of sexual assault and abuse.
Its a safe haven for those who need someone to talk to and a place to heal.

If I am able to raise enough money I will divide the money equally and donate to both, If not however I will choose one of the 2 and donate the full amount to them.

Now for the LIST!
I have so much stuff I am sure I will come across more as I go along but for now here is just some of what I have.

– Mini dolphin cheese cutting board (still in it package!)
– 2 dolphin plates (identical .. will sell in a set or alone)
– 4 dolphin tea light holders with mirror in their backgrounds (will sell in sets of 2)
– 3 Blue/Sliver dolphin figurines (they are metallic and neat looking)
– 2 dolphins in shells figurines (they are a multi color kind of like and opal)
– 1 dolphin figure from green earth (well made and painted)
– Stone dolphin wind chime
– Brass dolphin (heavy like a paper weight)
– Wood like base with 2 small white dolphins attached
– A dolphin light up painting piece (make the scene look like its moving)
– Dolphin wallpaper border
– Dolphin shower curtain
– Dolphin shower curtain hooks
– Dolphin towel set (to hand cloths and 2 face cloths)
– Multiple other figurines ranging in different sizes.

I am selling each for 1 or 2 dollars plus shipping to who ever may buy it…I will tell buyer full prices once I find out from the post office.
Some will cost more as some items are larger and some are heavier.

A lot of the stuff was gotten over the years from different dollar stores and there is another large chunk that I got myself and it was more then 2 dollars…lol

So if something on the list above interests you or you have a friend or family member that might want to take a look please pass this along and let them know.
I will add pictures as soon as I can, I am still digging the stuff out of boxes so more work must be done…lol

Any questions? you can email me at watersedgeadminATgmailDOTcom (take out AT replace with @ and DOT with . )

Thanks for taking an interest…hope I can find some buyers for a good cause!

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Posted by Tami Croft   @   19 February 2012 0 comments

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