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Mom and I have run our own design company for about 4 years now and we’ve done so much nice work its hard to figure out what to share and where to start.

Last year mom and I let go of our traffic exchanges to focus 100% on TnT Designs, It was a hard decision to make but it was right for us as it’s something we both really love doing.

However it’s really hard jumping head first into a pool and not knowing if there is enough water!
I’m sure at first both my mother and I thought “Oh heck what are we doing???” and “Can we really make money doing this?”

We put so much of our own money and time and energy into it that even to this day I often wonder if we really have a chance.
See both my mother and I have Fibromyalgia and it’s made working impossible, But unlike some people we don’t just like to sit around all day and do nothing at all it’s not in our nature. Boredom sets in way to easy and you go stir crazy.

So here we are diving head first…lol hoping to make a little extra money doing something we really love doing.

It’s such hard work, specially for my mother. I don’t think people really realize just “What” goes into creating one of her dolls or how much time is spent coloring a pixel and putting together a scrapkit. THEN adding stuff to sites like zazzle and our Facebook page to be seen and showcased.

We have a really wonderful group of followers/supporters and they keep us going.
But I’ll be honest sometimes where you think the support would come from doesn’t and it makes both mom and I rather sad.
I don’t really know how to explain the feeling, I guess I would just wish more of our family and friends would support us and our work.
I know they say it shouldn’t matter but to some (like us) it really does and when you don’t get that support you almost begin to think maybe your not doing it right.

I will hopefully soon post a blog about just how long it can take to go from point A to point B in a poser world and maybe then more people will understand just what happens and the process that is taken to create these amazing dolls from beginning to end because if you seen what they start out as you’d be like ewww that’s ugly, how do you get this from THAT?
Some dolls are easier for mom then others, some take over 1 hour to simply do 1 pose….YES ONE POSE! and my mom is the type that likes to have sets so imagine if she is going to do a set of 10 how LONG that will take!

My job is easy, I got the more fun part of the job 😀 the designing 😀

We’ve started creating prints of our work and so far they’ve been selling really well.
Mom began to add her own art to our print section and they’ve also been doing super well which really shocked her (Not me I knew they were good enough)

We’re always working on something new, and always trying to add other elements to our designs.

Mom is currently working on a web layout for a company as well as doing some childrens stuff which when done I will take over and create prints for 😉
I’m currently getting all our scrapkits and pixels back on the market so our Facebook page has officially been exploded with stuff for people to see.
Speaking of our Facebook page why not drop by there is a LOT there!

We’re also doing “fun with photos” where I will take photos of yours and create something fun for you to print out.

All our work is high resolution and affordable and fun! There is something (or will be soon) there for everyone and we are always open to ideas.

I’ll leave you off with a list of just some of the things we’ve done both past and present 😉

Splash Pages (great way to promote you, your business, company, band etc.)
Banners (another great form of promotion)
Traffic Exchange Game Pieces (For Ray’s prize game)
Logo creations (Branding yourself is extremely important, Let my mom create a logo that stands out)
Website Layouts
Email templates (html)
Prints of all sizes
Royalty/Copyright free graphics (for commercial use)
All our graphics come in high resolution png format on transparent backgrounds.
Fun with Photos designs

Please take a moment to drop by and give us a visit, Like what you see give us a Thumbs Up and share with your friends.
Thanks to all those who continue to support my mother and I on our road to graphic design, we can’t thank you enough!

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