Was THIS really necessary?

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Today my mom seen an ad on Facebook regarding thyroid treatment and decided to check it out as it had key words like “Loss of Sleep? Body Pain? Tired?” blah blah blah.
As she was browsing the very first page she came across THIS passage:

Then there’s that secret fear – the one you keep hidden away deep inside. You see yourself in the mirror, you see that ugly fat and that tired face staring back at you. Your husband sees it too. How long before he stops noticing you and starts looking at other women?
Maybe yes, maybe no. But that figure in the mirror sure doesn’t look very sexy or alluring to you, so how can it be doing anything for your man?

As she read this out loud my mouth fell open, I th0ught to myself  WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TOO SAY THAT???
I could not believe that a site would actually be so degrading to a women and her fears.
This site PREYS on women who are insecure about themselves, They know those women will do anything to just feel normal.
This made me sick to my stomach, Why? Because I was once one of those women! I just wanted to feel pretty, I just wanted to fit in. I wanted to be noticed and thought of as pretty, I wanted people to LIKE me.
Then it hit me…..why the hell do I need YOUR approval? What makes YOUR approval so bleeping special???
The ONLY person that needs to like me is ME! I am the only one who needs to approve of anything in my life.

This site also goes on to say doctors may test you for thyroid problems but they could be wrong!
I was like WOW all these people just happen to all have tests saying they are normal but all these doctors must be wrong according to them.
So you should then for sure run out and buy their crap.
They listed these symptoms, It was funny really because they were all pretty much symptoms I have due to my fibromyalgia.
And YES in the beginning my doctor tested my thyroid to rule it in or out, It was ruled out by a specialist who then informed me I had fibro.
But that specialist must be wrong too!

It’s hard enough being a large women in this world, Everywhere you look the world peers back at you with this disgusting look in their eyes.
If your fat you must be lazy, you must eat to much, you must not be working out enough.
Do the research before you decide to pass judgement on a person.
Each person has a story and sometimes those stories lead to the reasons why a person gained weight.
DON’T ASSUME anything, when you do you just make an ASS out of yourself.

YES this site pissed me off, because there are so many women out there who just want to feel pretty, to be loved, to feel like they belong and sites like this take advantage of that fear and loneliness some feel.

Don’t waste your time on a site that will make you feel like crap right from the get go.
Don’t waste time on a site that insults and belittles you right on their main page.

Find it within yourself to KNOW your a wonderful and beautiful person, Once you come to that conclusion things start falling into place.
Don’t let them bully you and get you down, You don’t need it nor do you deserve it.
Love yourself, Love others, Be good and kind and THAT will shine through and people will then see you for the beauty you are!


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Posted by Tami Croft   @   7 August 2012 0 comments

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