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In 2007 my mother told me about this program called “Poser” it was 3D model based, She’d wanted so bad to do and create what she’d seen others do.
I looked at her and told her to BUY the program because I believed if her past performances in the artistic world had showed me anything it had shown me she had the determination to do whatever she put her mind too.

She didn’t think she could do it, I told her “You once thought you would never be able to do animation either and now you do it regularly”
She finally decided to buy “Poser 7” and what a bumpy start she had!
She had NO clue what she was doing and over and over I heard “I can’t do this, what a waste of money”
I told her not to give up, that she could and WOULD master the art of 3D models!

Here we are in 2012 and mom and I own our own business TnT Designs (Toni and Tami Designs)
And she has MASTERED the art of 3D models! And I really mean it my mom friggin ROCKS!

A few months ago mother says to me; “You know you could do this too!” I was like HELL NO!
A few weeks ago I decided to take the leap and try and join her in the 3D model world! and guess what? She was friggin right!!!
I absolutely LOVE it! I feel like so much more part of the team doing my part.

So for the last 6 years mom and I have been building a portfolio doing splash pages, banner, websites, email templates, game designs etc.
And more recently we began making prints of our art and it’s been fun but…..

Now this is where the title comes in……
Can I get a little R.E.S.P.E.C.T???

I really do not think people realize what goes into what you see at our facebook page
I mean no one REALLY knows!
Well I am about to tell you, It ain’t cheap to run a 3D model business of any kind!
And I don’t know if people know just how much money goes into creating just one of our dolls.

Lets take Mortianna for example she seems to be popular among fans 😉
$20 for the V4.2 Base doll
$25 for the ++Morph injections to inject different dolls.
$15 for Mortianna
$11.84 for the Hollow Sin outfit she wore
$10 for the hair
Add it up folks that is over $80 for just ONE doll!
So to make our money back we need to sell at least 8 prints at $10 a piece just to break even.
And I will be honest we’ve not even come close to breaking even, NOT even close.
Last month mother and I spent $600 on poser related material YES you heard and read that correct and YES we take what we do serious!
We want to have the latest and greatest material out there, Stuff before anyone else so we SPEND the money to do that.

We know that making money over night is NOT going to happen, we’re not newbies in this business we’ve been doing this for 6 years so we have a pretty goo idea about how it works.

But I have to admit I am do get a bit discouraged from time to time.
Working your ass off for no amount of love from those who you think would give it is quite discouraging even you reading this would have to admit to that.

I have to tell you in all honesty that being disabled is not fun, not being able to be out there in the world connecting with people is hard on ones spirit.
It’s like a bird in a tiny cage who’s had it’s wings clipped, Day in and day out doing the same crap over and over it gets so boring.
So when mom and I started to take this business serious we REALLY took it serious!

We’ve gone to the moon and back to make sure what we have is MORE then everyone else has, Different, More unique, BETTER!
And I really think we have.
I have to admit I’ve seen a lot of awesome poser (3D model) sites out there and wow they are great and have lots of content but variety is something to be desired.

Lets go back to another example shall we of a purchase I just made to create an adorable fairy for our site and stuff.
Mavka $16
Minwee Morphs $19.50
Mavka Forest Fairy $15
Amberette for skin color $11
Mingzu for skin color $11
Elven hair $15
Over $85 dollars to create 3 dolls.

But why spend all that money you say?
Well Mavka is just your standard ordinary white doll we don’t want to create just a standard or ordinary doll.
We want to appeal to all audiences of all genres.

Are you starting to see the BIGGER picture?
Are you maybe understanding WHY I ask for our friends and family to share it once in awhile?

I don’t know maybe I am being a little selfish, But if you’d asked me to share something of yours I’d be right on it. Because your my friend, your my family and that’s what I’d do for you. I’d just like to think the same would be done for me.
But then again I could just be selfish :( I’d like to think I am not.

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