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I am going to first start of by saying this is probably going to offend someone, somewhere .. if said someone somewhere actually finds this post and reads it.
In this event I wish to say, my intent is not to offend but to clarify how some people add labels to themselves and if they feel the need to add these labels they should at least add the correct label and stop trying to pretend they are something they are not.

I love the term “Curvy” .. I remember when I was curvy, It was forever ago.
But I also remember as I got “Fat” I refused to accept that term and try desperately to hold on to “Curvy”.
I mean after all curvy was much more acceptable then fat and then you realize you’d rather take “Fat” then “Obese”!

Then there is the term “Slender” (whoever the heck comes up with these labels should have a toe shot off…lol)
To me “Slender” must mean something totally different then to most and maybe these very very skinny women who’s bones pop out try to hold on to “Slender” the way I tried so hard to hold onto “Curvy”

I recently became a fan of a site on facebook about “Curvy girls being better then Skinny girls” I really hate that title as I do not believe it to be true in any sense.
But the abundance of ignorance on this page was astounding to me.
I could not for the life of me figure out WHY someone would “LIKE” a page to TROLL it?!?!
If you think “curvy” or “fat” women are gross then why bother wasting people’s time posting such idiotic statements?

Here’s the thing with labels, Someone out there is ALWAYS going to miss use them!
We either get rid of them completely or we learn to label ourselves correctly.

I AM FAT! yep and I will even tell you that by Canadian standards I am considered “Obese”
Drives me frigging insane as I long to once again be “Curvy”.
That’s a label I can live with, But I know even if I do achieve that label so many other will point to me and say “Curvy? She’s not curvy she is FAT”!
So where the heck do we draw the line?
What is the real definition of curves?
To me big boobs and a size 4 waist does not mean curvy.
Plus size starts at a size 14
“Model” size is 0-2
At size 4 in Hollywood your pushing fat
So does that mean size 6-8-10-12 are curves?

Everyone has a different standard!
So how the heck do we really know what to achieve to just be normal?

I say we’re all lovely in our own way but don’t pretend to be something your not.
If your fat your fat, get over it! Get use to it and deal with it.
If your very very small that’s how you were made, accept it.
Your obese, deal with it but don’t call yourself curvy.

Girls need to stop watching what they see on TV and read in these stupid news rags and think “THAT IS NORMAL”
It’s far from normal and it’s no way to go on living your life.
Life is hard enough for us women, so why the f**k are we making it even harder for each other?
Men think women should look like friggin Victoria Secret models … ok I will when you look like a friggin Vogue model!
Women should be empowering to one another not bullshit batty/catty bitches who are judgmental and cowardly.

I hated myself for a very long time and then I realized it was no longer worth caring what others thought about me.
Only my own opinion mattered. I had to love myself an accept the things I could not change and change the things I could change.
No amount of diet and exercise is going to take away my lazy eye or fuzzy hair….BUT….Diet and exercise WILL help me to try and get to my “Curvy” goal.
It WILL help me to become healthy and that’s just what I want.

Be proud of who you are and stop living in a labelled world that seems to always incorrectly label people!

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Posted by Tami Croft   @   30 December 2012 0 comments

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