Zumba Fit – The Review!

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I’ll start off by saying I learned of Zumba fit a few years ago when it was first introduced and even then I thought “That would so be fun! I could do that!!”
I’d always wanted to try because I knew 1. it was something I was going to love and 2. could do it in the privacy of my own home.

But back then even simple dancing was becoming extremely hard for me and walking was next to impossible.
I’d resigned myself to the fact that I was always going to be fat and that Fibromyalgia had won. :(

I remember the day I talked with my doctor about having weight loss surgery, I told her I can’t fight these 2 battles it’s to hard for me, so help me take one issue off the table so I can go at the other 100%

So here we are, 3 months post op. 😉

2 weeks ago I received my Zumba Fit 5 disk DVD collection (with maraca weights) in the mail, Boy was I excited.

Disk 1 is a step by step intro to each of the moves, so I for obvious reasons began there…lol
HOLY CRAP! I could not believe how hard it was, Lets just say these old hips don’t like to swing and sway the way these lovely ladies want them too…lol
But I kept at it even if I couldn’t achieve the same move I’d do something as close to it as I was physically able.
After learning some moves I was pooped and my fibro was like all flared up. Now the old me would have given up right then and there. I would not have been able to handle the pain.
So I put the disks aside for a week and focused on taking my nice long walks.

2 days ago I jumped into DVD 2 which contains a verbal cue step by step version as well as a go straight into it version.
This is a 45 min. total body work out, moving every inch of your body in time with music.

Day 1: only able to do 30 of the 45 mins. and I have to tell you I was deeply depressed by this. Again wanted to almost give up.
I thought to myself, This is so much fun and I love to dance and I can’t even do it.
Then I reminded myself I’d not worked out in over 2 years and was just getting back into things.
Day 2: Same results, 30 mins in I had to give up I was just hurting to much.
But this time I didn’t want to just throw in the towel .. I know that this work out is going to take some time for me to grapple but I WILL get it.

I’m pretty sure my fibro will start throwing wrenches into my groove but I’ve learned I am not Fibromyalgia it does not control me.

The ladies on the DVD are awesome! Normally I would be like “Yeah skinny ass bitches who never knew how hard it was” but for some reason these ladies (Gina and Tonya) made me feel good! The are motivating too and use words like, “Lets add a grove, or lets make this sexy” a totally different way of speaking to the point where you forget your working out and think your in a dance class!

The moves are basic and complex all at the same time, I think with practice ANYONE could master these moves easy.
They go through the motions of working the whole body but don’t stay on one thing for too long so that it becomes boring. Remember we’re dancing here and no one does the same dance moved 25 times in a row that would just look ridiculous LOL

People have asked me how the work outs are because they are interested in buying it themselves so here is my mini break down.

Spent $100 for buy the collection (Which is less then any yearly gym membership or trainer and I have these girls for life and can work with them where ever and when ever I want)
It’s a total body work out that’s fun!
Your not only going to work out, your going to learn some new moves for the club ladies! 😉
It’s fast paced which keeps you on your toes.
The girls who are teaching involve you in a way I’ve not seen done on other work out vids.

So your question now is was it worth it? and would you recommend it to someone?


Just be prepared to take the time its going to take to get use to it.
And know it’s ok to go at a slower pace.
Have FUN and enjoy it!

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