Review – Dr. Sholl’s Gellin Shoes!

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I’ve searched far an wide for a pair of affordable shoes that would allow me to walk with out feeling the pain of my plantar fasciitis, I’ve torn my feet up so bad they’d begun to swell out like balloons on the inner portion of my feet.

One of the things that prevented me from wanting to walk or work out was that my feet were always in enormous pain, I can’t stand or walk for really long periods of time and if you experience foot pain you’ll know first hand that once the feet go the pain begins to trickle up the legs to the ankles, knees then hips and lower back.
I cried a lot because every part of me WANTED to walk but couldn’t.

All the shoes that had been recommended for me were WAY out of my price range.
I do not believe someone should have to pay $100+ for a pair of “quality” shoes.

I first found luck with Dr. Sholl’s gel insoles but found they degraded way to fast.
Then had even better luck with their pillow comfort insoles, They were to die for.
But still my feet seemed to hurt way to quickly, so onto another shoe I would go only with the same results.

One day my mother and I were looking through the shoes and we noticed Dr. Sholl’s had come out with shoes that had the gel built right into the shoe.
I was a little skeptical at first because I knew that the gel will break down so how often am I going to have to spend the money on new shoes?
The pair I was looking at was $35 and to some that’s like peanuts but for me its money I don’t really have to “test” out new shoes.
My mom convinced me that sometimes you have to spend a little extra to get something better and she loves Dr. Sholl’s so we agreed we’d both get a pair.

Took me only a couple days to break them in before the “big” I am going for a walk test.
At this point I’d not been able to make it to the end of my street with out being in a lot of pain and having to come back.
So off I went texting my friend letting her know how far I was getting. I finally messaged her and said “I’m almost at the Foodland!!!” this was the furthest I’d gone and was so proud. Then I started to feel the pain BUT not my food pain! my fibromyalgia was like “what the heck are you doing???” but no foot pain!
So I kept going! and I made it all the way to that foodland, back down the main street then back up my street!
I was so surprised and shocked and amazed I HAD to do it again the next day!

I’ve since picked up another set of Dr. Sholl’s shoes and these ones cost me $45 and I am having the same fantastic results with them.

The breakdown:
Cost – very affordable, prices ranged from $22 to $49 (for their runners)
Variety? – Not really they come in basic black and whites would have loved for them to have more fun colors.
Quality – they are great shoes and as someone with foot pain they are working very well. They’re build to last, I’ve walked both in rain and snow and puddles and mud and they’ve stood up to all of that with never soaking my feet!
Star rating – 4 out of 5 (only because they lack variety in colors)
Would I recommend them? Yes! if your looking for an affordable comfortable shoe these will most likely work for you.

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