Open Letter to “Event” magazine Regarding Henry Cavill Issue

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I recently came across this image from a June 2013 issue of a magazine called “Event” and I was horrified to see the small print under the main focus “BRITISH SUPERMAN”











“How Henry Cavill overcame obesity and bullying to land the role of his life”

I’d like to bring your attention to my highlighted word OBESITY.
Henry Cavill has stated in a number of interviews how he was bullied when he was younger for being over weight.
He included that his nickname at one time was “Fat Cavill”
The media took off and ran with this story making it something huge and blowing it out of proportion.
It got to the point where every reporter/interviewer/camera person was asking him about “Fat Cavill”
But when someone finally got around to asking him “How Much” he’d lost my mouth nearly dropped.
He lost 12 pounds and got his role in “The Count Of Monte Cristo” 12 flipping pounds my friends. Not 100, not 50, not even 20 a whole whopping 12 pounds!

On what earth is 12 pounds fat yet alone obese???

What message does this send to young kids? Young boys!

Do not get me wrong as someone who has 1, struggled with real obesity and 2, been severly bullied to the point of attempted suicide I know all too well the hurt that can be caused by it.
I do not in anyway condone what was done to Henry Cavill and I feel for him having to go through something he really shouldn’t have had too.
But in my personal opinion as “Superman” he could have handled this situation a tad differently. It’s really all in the wording and I don’t feel he worded it in a way that would make people understand his own pain and also allow others who are feeling the same way to see there is hope.

Then walks in Event magazine with their stupid sub line about him overcoming obesity!
What the heck is wrong with you people? Have you even seen his “Fat Cavill” photos? again I ask on what planet is THAT obese?
SO what we are saying now is that 12 pounds is obese? We’re telling ALL these children who look up to Superman that being chubby is wrong and he would have never been able to be an actor had he still been 12 pounds over weight??
Are we also saying that if your slightly chubby your not only fat and obese your unattractive as well??
I don’t know about you but I’ve seen his so called “Fat Cavill” photos and yes he is chubby but unless I am completely blind he is still as adorable as he is right at this very moment, If not more so back when he was a pup.

People need to pull their heads out of their asses and realize that remarks and sub lines like these really can cause a downward spiral effect for people.
We continue to send the wrong messages to children then EXPECT them to be good people.
How can we tell our kids NOT to bully people when all they see around them is other being put down when there is absolutely nothing wrong with them!

This magazine basically slapped every little chubby kid in the face and told them “Hey, wanna be like Henry Cavill? LOSE WEIGHT!” when in all actuality they are 12 and have not gone through puberty yet and need not loose anything!
Little children do NOT need to diet unless a DOCTOR or DIETITIAN is the one calling those shots, Not the media!

So my advice to you EVENT magazine is pull your heads out of your asses and realize how STUPID that sub line was!
Get your FACTS straight before you post such stupidity!

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Posted by Tami Croft   @   12 September 2013 0 comments

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