Don’t dim my sparkle!

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I had a real heart to heart with myself last night and I came to some conclusions in not only my own life but in life for everyone in general.

We all have this sparkle inside us and has the ability to shine so bright but for some keeping it lit can become a task.
The world and our surroundings can greatly effect how our sparkle shines.
We are told from a very early age that we must act and look a certain way in order to be accepted in society.
Every media outlet has been designed to make you feel awful about yourself so that you buy their products.
Example if you hair is not this shinny “your NOT worth it”
Aging has become one of the biggest targets along side weight loss.
The world says you can’t get old! You can’t be fat! You have to use “THIS” and only then will you be beautiful.

Those are the moments people’s sparkle begins to dim.

Most people if they will admit it or not are followers rather then leaders. We feel more comfortable in the roll of follower even when we ourselves think we are in a leader position we are in fact following the rules and guidelines society has set out before us.

One of the things I realized last night was leaders had the brightest sparkle because part of the way to keep shinning bright was to carve out your own path in life, making your own destiny.
Leaders are the ones who follow their own rules, live life in a care free manner yet still have the ability to treat everyone with the same respect they themselves work for.

I would never want to admit to being a follower but I am now. I am not saying being a follower is bad please do not mistake that.
What I am saying is that you as an individual have the ability to shine brighter. You do not “have” fit in or be and so what “they” say.

For so long my light would shine then dim, shine then dim and with each time it dimmed I would feel like I had lost a piece of myself.
I am also sure in fact that at some point in my life my sparkle was completely put out. But like with many things you can get your sparkle back and you can make it brighter and brighter with every passing moment.

You measure how you want to be in life, what type of person your going to show the world how you will be towards your own physical and mental self.
All these things combined will define your inner sparkle.

I’ve decided I will something quite difficult for myself over the next few months I will post photos in a “Love myself campaign” each of these photos will be of a part of my body that has been picked on or put down in some shape or form. They are parts of me that I began to hate with all my soul and the more I hated the more my sparkle dimmed.

So I invite you over the next couple months to join me as I attempt to become my own leader and try to carve out my own path and destiny.
I know this road will not be easy and I will more then likely slip and fall more then once but I am going to try the very best I can because I am tired of being held down by the restraints of others, I am tired of the media telling me I am NOT good enough, I am not pretty enough, I am not strong enough, I am not thin enough if I am not using their junk!
I will live my life according to my rules and I hope you will pledge to love yourself along with me and we can stand united as friends, as women, as mothers, as daughters as US!

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Keep Shinning bright!!!!! <3

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Posted by Tami Croft   @   20 May 2014 0 comments

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