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Today the very first image of Henry Cavill as Superman for Batman vs Superman was released and I have to say I was very shocked at what I seen.
The detail in the image is great and you start guessing to all the many different ways they may take this movie.
The following blog will be my own opinion I felt I needed to write this to allow people to have a better understanding of how I am feeling at the moment. Because in all honesty I am not quite happy.

Henry as Superman

At first glance my initial reaction was “Man he looks old.” But since I do not know how far into the future they are planning to take this next movie I can’t really say much on the age look because for all I know they are making him 40 year old Superman not 33.
Second reaction was how mean he looked and THIS is what threw me off. To me Superman has never represented anything mean ever! Only good.
So the more I looked at this new photo the more hurt I became … Now’s the part I tell you why.

I became a Superman fan 33 years ago because of my mother, She encouraged me to love the Superhero world and in a time when I really only had Wonder Women the male Hero world became much more accessible. My mother even went as far as buying me the Superman/Batman/Spiderman under-roos so I could pretend to be the female versions of them.

At the time that my love affair with Superman began I was being sexually abused by my uncle and neighborhood boy. I remember watching Superman 2 and thinking Superman would save me. He’d get these bad guys.
I was so young I was being made to feel like it was my fault. I was being threatened that if I told I would be the one to be punished and I believed that so out of fear I told no one.
One thing that is very common in sexual abuse victims is placing yourself and your mind in an alternate place a safe place.
It’s a way to cope so that you don’t really feel what’s happening. You go numb to it all.
I had a couple places I would visit one of my main places was Metropolis where Superman would come and rescue me.
The more I saw Chris on screen the more I believed he was my hero. He was protecting me from the evil that was taking place.
Superman is the depiction of goodness, He does everything he can to protect and save others and wants nothing in return.
Many nights he would save me and with out him I may not be here writing this for you today.

So back to this new image. In a flash I felt like my hero. my Superman of goodness was gone.
This version looks mean and angry. Like he’s ready to take apart the world he loves so much.
I know I can not speculate as to WHY they made this image the way they did and I know this is just a peas sized glance into what the movie might actually become I also know there are many who will whole hearty disagree with me and that’s fine you too are entitled to your own opinion and I won’t slam you for it.
I will be honest I went to my room and I actually cried. I wondered to myself what was Zack doing to my hero, where is he taking him?
I know in the comics there have been darker versions of Superman but I am not a comic lover I am a lover of the original Superman series featuring Christopher Reeve, I am a lover of the Smallville version of Clark Kent and dare I even say a lover of Brandon Routh’s version of Superman.
In Man Of Steel we got to see that goodness that Clark/Superman stand for and I’ve begun to fear this may not be the same place he will be in the new movie. Again I just speculate but when your a fan like I am and for the reason I am you can’t help yourself.

Right now in this moment I feel like I’ve lost my greatest hero. That’s everything he was for me has been taken away.
I will hold out hope for this movie as it’s something I want to see and I really do look forward to seeing Ben Affleck as Batman.
I just hope that on opening night when I am sitting in that theater watching it does not turn my world up side down. This would devastate me.

I am only one person with only my own point of view but I wanted to share this with everyone because you never know I might not be alone in my way of thinking and there may be others out there who are seeing the same thing as me. Who loved the old style Superman and what he stood for and how he acted.

I hope through this my friends and other fans understand better as to why I will be reacting the way I am.
Take Care Fans of the Cape!

Superman - Chris

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