Beauty is not a Number

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Beauty is not a number on a scale.
It’s not the number on the pair of pants you buy.
It’s not the letter on that top you wear.
The letter “s” on that shirt does not define your beauty.
Nor does those three letters “xxl”.

The number “0” does not make you better.
The number “4x” does not mean your ugly.
Beauty is not defined by a number.
It’s defined by your character.

Don’t listen to the media who will bring you down.
They were designed to do just that.
Don’t bother with those around you whom have nothing nice to say.
They’re the ones the media love most.

Your beauty is not a number.
Your beauty is with in you.
Your heart and soul do matter.
They are what make you, you!

Don’t look at the numbers or letters.
Just take care of who you are.
Be true to yourself and others.
That is where your beauty lies.

Yes it’s true and many do not know, Beauty is not a number or letter.
It’s really about how you treat those around you that allows your light to shine.

It’s ok to have a bad day, shake it off.
Look in the mirror and tell yourself “I am beautiful”
No matter how many times you need too, Keep saying those words.

Your beauty is NOT a number, Your beautiful just as you are.

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Posted by Tami Croft   @   5 September 2014 0 comments
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