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Awhile ago I was speaking with some friends about dreams I had been having (of the sexual nature) and a couple of them flat out told me “Girl you need to be writing this stuff down.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing OR what they were suggesting.

Many moons ago when asked what I wanted to be when I grew up I told everyone I would become a singer. (Which I did for a time)
Friends however had always thought I would be a great writer.

So here we are in 2014 and I am penning my very first erotic novel. Can we say scary?
One I never thought of myself as a novel writer and Two I really never thought I would ever write erotic romance!
But to my shock I found I am actually quite good at it and on top of all that it feels quite liberating to take on a genre that to many is still very taboo.

Over the last few months I have sent a couple chapters to my friend and editor Lynda (Who is also a fellow published author of Western Romances)
I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many new people who are also authors both published some who are starting out just like myself.
This one may sound stupid but hear me out. I am also learning new words! Yes does that not sound weird? As a child I struggled with reading and writing so this for me is a thrill ride of learning proportions.

I’ve also had the honor of designing new material for my own promotional work and will likely design my own cover.
I’ve also designed promotional tools for other authors as well. Which again is extremely thrilling.

I’ve got a lot going on right at the moment, between being a single mom, writing a book, owning a graphics company and recently signing to a talent agency it’s been a very interesting year!

Keep coming back as I hope to update more often on how things are going and keep everyone in the loop. I am excited to meet new people and share this amazing journey I am on with all of you!


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Posted by Tami Croft   @   26 November 2014 0 comments

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