Body Shamming

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I feel compelled once again to address this subject.

I will first have to admit I am a facebook pig. lol. I am there way to often.

But every day when I login. Over and over I see posts body shamming. Skinny girls calling everyone ugly, fat girls saying curves are better, ripped girls saying if you don’t work out your a loser etc.

WTF women of the world! Really?

I am going to keep this short. Because as many of you know I could write a book on this subject.

I’ve been on BOTH sides of the fence ok! Fat, now skinny and about to have a tummy tuck and go get ripped! So I’ve been all over and I know how hard it is to accept ones self. Fuck I might not have ever wanted a tummy tuck if I didn’t always see these stupid fucked up body shamming posts!

So this is it in a nutshell. From me with absolute honest. I might sound like an asshole to some but if you think about it you’ll know I am right.


If your fat and you are ok with that…OWN IT….LOVE IT!…APPRECIATE IT! Don’t slam another person it’s not cool!
Your ripped? AWESOME! don’t make someone feel like shit cause they are not. You don’t know their situation they may not be able to do what you can.
Your skinny. Good for you. Don’t assume that a person larger then yourself is lazy! Healthy actually comes in many sizes!

We are women. We are STRONG! … We can do things others can not. EMBRACE that!

We should be lifting each other up, Not tearing each other down! Empowering one another. Making this fucked up world a more awesome place!

When you hate on one another it just keeps the cycle of hate going. There is no room for hate! LOVE man! love one another!

Hold each up. Be the wings for those who feel they can not fly! Grab hold of one another and lift us up. This cycle of hate has got to stop! But until people stand up for ALL it will continue.

That’s that my friends. Love it or leave it. I want to be the best person I can be and being that person means NOT tearing another person down. I want to inspire and lift people! I love everyone. Your size, your race, your religion, your sexual preference does not matter to me. If you need wings I want to be the one who helps you find them! I want to lift you up and help you fly cause your awesome. Your here for a reason!

Like I said … love me or hate me … you know I’m right!

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Posted by Tami Croft   @   27 April 2015 0 comments
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