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30 Mar 2011
Post Thumbnail of Do others make you look bad?

You’ve decided to work online and from home, you set out a plan of attack and start to look into all the ways that you could potentially make money online.
You find a business model that you like and feel confident that you can handle the process of learning and understanding …

4 Feb 2011
Post Thumbnail of Sometimes I Wonder...

Sometimes I find myself completely dumb founded and wonder how on earth the events that lead me here even began to transpire in the first place!
It’s hard for me to understand how it is that when a person does the “right” thing it ends up being held against them, Used …

19 Jan 2011
Post Thumbnail of This is poaching

Theft: Definition: The act of stealing; specifically, the felonious taking and removing of personal property, with an intent to deprive the rightful owner of the same; larceny.
Theft also applies in the online world and happens more often then we’d care to admit.
I’ve talked about image/graphic theft and today I …

6 Jan 2011
Post Thumbnail of Ignorance is NOT Bliss

I am pretty sure I have stated this either in a prior post or somewhere else but I really feel it needs to be addressed again and again cause some people will just NOT listen!
Time and time again I come across business websites using stolen artwork or graphics and I …

6 Dec 2009
Post Thumbnail of The Great Stocking Stuffer

The Great Traffic Exchange Stocking Stuffer has begun and it’s a great time to get your hands on some really cool free goodies!!!
You know by joining just 5 traffic exchanges you could win more then $25 in cash, a ring worth over $200, a collector salt/pepper shaker of none other …

26 Sep 2009
Post Thumbnail of try and make it look good

The great thing about having a personal blog is that I can be a tad more blunt here as it’s a personal opinion and no one has to share it.
I am currently working online in an industry that for the most part requires you to have 1. something to say …

15 Sep 2009
Post Thumbnail of What is Water's Edge Hits?

I thought I would write a blog about the one thing I really enjoy doing on the Internet.
Long story short, about 2 years ago my mom invited me to help her run a website online.
Not just any website though, A traffic exchange.
A traffic exchange is another form of advertising for …

21 Aug 2009
Post Thumbnail of Working Online

This will be just a brief introduction to how I became an online business owner.
A couple years ago I began a battle with the government to win disability and during that time I became very down about not really being able to do much anymore.
My mother had been online marketing …

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