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15 Feb 2013
Post Thumbnail of Review - Dr. Sholl's Gellin Shoes!

I’ve searched far an wide for a pair of affordable shoes that would allow me to walk with out feeling the pain of my plantar fasciitis, I’ve torn my feet up so bad they’d begun to swell out like balloons on the inner portion of my feet.
One of the things …

26 Jan 2012
Post Thumbnail of I live in silence

Many people know nothing about Fibromyalgia or only “think” they know what it is.
For many people living with this chronic pain disorder it is frustrating because we live in silence.
I live in silence because I don’t want your pity.
I live in silence because I don’t want you to look down …

4 Jan 2012
Post Thumbnail of 1st rule..acceptance

I remember when I went to take the fibromyalgia class they have at St. Joe’s hospital, The doctor said to me the first rule you need to know is acceptance.
People who live with a chronic illness struggle daily, but there are so many who are in denial.
“Accept that you have …

26 Nov 2010
Post Thumbnail of 19 weeks down!

Today marks the official day .. I am now 19 weeks pregnant! and I can now actually feel movement….slight but movement none the less and I enjoy knowing its getting a “kick” outta being in
Sadly with this precious joy I’ve become overwhelmingly saddened.
I’ve not gotten over the morning sickness …

17 Oct 2010
Post Thumbnail of I hate pain

It’s almost 3am and I am trying to wind down from a nice night out with my friend, We went out for coffee and had some awesome adult conversation.
But now I am paying the price for having a life and having a nice time.
It’s like my fibromyalgia is jealous and …

28 Jul 2010
Post Thumbnail of There are no 0 pain days

I sometimes think people forget that I have Fibromyalgia and that I am in pain every single day of my life.
There are no zero pain days for me, there are different levels of pain I go through each and every day of my life I just choose not to say …

20 Jul 2010
Post Thumbnail of What Is Fibromyalgia?

I’ve often been asked this question as many have heard the word fibromyalgia but don’t actually know what it does or how it effects a person who has it.
So today I decided, I can’t sleep *thanks fibro* so why not give people a little lesson on just what IS fibromyalgia.
I …

3 Mar 2010
Post Thumbnail of am I being punished?

Today I went to file my income tax and was told “your not entitled to any refund” then they followed it up with “you owe us $85” I was like this has to be a mistake and by the way I am not paying you money to get no money …

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