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15 Feb 2013
Post Thumbnail of Review - Dr. Sholl's Gellin Shoes!

I’ve searched far an wide for a pair of affordable shoes that would allow me to walk with out feeling the pain of my plantar fasciitis, I’ve torn my feet up so bad they’d begun to swell out like balloons on the inner portion of my feet.
One of the things …

14 Feb 2013
Post Thumbnail of Zumba Fit - The Review!

I’ll start off by saying I learned of Zumba fit a few years ago when it was first introduced and even then I thought “That would so be fun! I could do that!!”
I’d always wanted to try because I knew 1. it was something I was going to love and …

16 Jan 2013
Post Thumbnail of Things I look forward too

I was sitting around thinking of all the things I was looking forward too since surgery and I found myself looking forward to some of the simplest and smallest things!
So I decided to share my list of things with you, I am sure there will be more but these are …

30 Dec 2012
Post Thumbnail of Labels

I am going to first start of by saying this is probably going to offend someone, somewhere .. if said someone somewhere actually finds this post and reads it.
In this event I wish to say, my intent is not to offend but to clarify how some people add labels to …

19 Dec 2012
Post Thumbnail of New Year, New Life

What a year this has been! I can not even tell you all the up’s and downs this year has brought me.
Well I could but then we’d be here forever…lol
And since I know many don’t bother to read my posts those that do I won’t keep you long 😉
I am …

11 Nov 2012
Post Thumbnail of I thought I'd feel different

Well I had my weight loss surgery (for those who are just tuning in) on Wednesday and what a day it was!
I was so eager to get it over with.
I was also happy I was going to have a friend to go a long with me and I knew when …

7 Aug 2012
Post Thumbnail of Was THIS really necessary?

Today my mom seen an ad on Facebook regarding thyroid treatment and decided to check it out as it had key words like “Loss of Sleep? Body Pain? Tired?” blah blah blah.
As she was browsing the very first page she came across THIS passage:
Then there’s that secret fear – the …

3 May 2012
Post Thumbnail of Feeling lost and lonely

Today I am feeling down in the dumps regarding my WSL (weight loss surgery)
As some of you know I began this journey nearly 3 years ago and then met with little forks in the road that put that on hold…By the way having my son was the greatest road I’ve …

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