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13 Sep 2011
Post Thumbnail of yet another countdown begins!

In one month and 3 days my journey to a new me will finally begin once again.
It feels like it’s taken forever. but I had to make a pit stop to have a baby before I continued down this new life highway.
The process is still very much a long one …

22 May 2011
Post Thumbnail of the first 2 weeks

This is my first post since the birth of my son Nicholas, and it’s been just over 2 weeks since he arrived and what can I say…other then WOW!
No words can actually describe how much a having a child can effect your life.
The emotions are truly unbelievable, I think I’ve …

11 Apr 2011
Post Thumbnail of 2 new journeys

This year marks a very exciting time for me and I am proud to say I will be able to share all the ups and downs, highs and lows with everyone as I take on two new journeys that will take place in my life this coming year.
About 2-3 weeks …

12 Mar 2011
Post Thumbnail of Be a part of the solution not the problem!

I actually debated on if I should write this on this next topic but the more I see stuff around me the more I really could not keep my mouth shut.
Something that’s really been pissing me off lately is all these people who’ve jumped on the “Anti Bullying” bandwagon but …

9 Mar 2011
Post Thumbnail of Approx. 6 weeks too go!

If all calculations are correct in about 6 weeks I will give birth to my son Nicholas.
And all I can say is I am scared outta my tree!
I’m not sure I’ve ever been this scared or unsure of anything in my whole life.
And wrapped up in all those freaked out …

6 Jan 2011
Post Thumbnail of Buzz Kill

I’ve been thinking about this little ditty of a blog for a while now, Thought to myself how should I say it or how should I word it…the more I thought the more I thought: Just do it! Say it exactly how you want too.
Hey all you dudes out there, …

26 Nov 2010
Post Thumbnail of 19 weeks down!

Today marks the official day .. I am now 19 weeks pregnant! and I can now actually feel movement….slight but movement none the less and I enjoy knowing its getting a “kick” outta being in
Sadly with this precious joy I’ve become overwhelmingly saddened.
I’ve not gotten over the morning sickness …

27 Oct 2010
Post Thumbnail of Letter 2 Marie Claire

Erica Watson (comedian) just brought to my attention a horrific article written on the Marie Claire website by one of their “journalist”
This article to me is a pure form of hate and if it’s not squashed out now other hateful people will use this as fuel to feed their own …

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