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30 Dec 2012
Post Thumbnail of Labels

I am going to first start of by saying this is probably going to offend someone, somewhere .. if said someone somewhere actually finds this post and reads it.
In this event I wish to say, my intent is not to offend but to clarify how some people add labels to …

11 Nov 2012
Post Thumbnail of I thought I'd feel different

Well I had my weight loss surgery (for those who are just tuning in) on Wednesday and what a day it was!
I was so eager to get it over with.
I was also happy I was going to have a friend to go a long with me and I knew when …

7 Aug 2012
Post Thumbnail of Was THIS really necessary?

Today my mom seen an ad on Facebook regarding thyroid treatment and decided to check it out as it had key words like “Loss of Sleep? Body Pain? Tired?” blah blah blah.
As she was browsing the very first page she came across THIS passage:
Then there’s that secret fear – the …

3 May 2012
Post Thumbnail of Feeling lost and lonely

Today I am feeling down in the dumps regarding my WSL (weight loss surgery)
As some of you know I began this journey nearly 3 years ago and then met with little forks in the road that put that on hold…By the way having my son was the greatest road I’ve …

14 Dec 2011
Post Thumbnail of Do not assume...

Please do not assume that because I am fat that I think less of myself!
Do not assume that because I know I am fat that for some reason I also think that I am ugly.
Don’t assume that because I am fat that I will settle for just anyone who will …

13 Sep 2011
Post Thumbnail of yet another countdown begins!

In one month and 3 days my journey to a new me will finally begin once again.
It feels like it’s taken forever. but I had to make a pit stop to have a baby before I continued down this new life highway.
The process is still very much a long one …

11 Apr 2011
Post Thumbnail of 2 new journeys

This year marks a very exciting time for me and I am proud to say I will be able to share all the ups and downs, highs and lows with everyone as I take on two new journeys that will take place in my life this coming year.
About 2-3 weeks …

12 Mar 2011
Post Thumbnail of Be a part of the solution not the problem!

I actually debated on if I should write this on this next topic but the more I see stuff around me the more I really could not keep my mouth shut.
Something that’s really been pissing me off lately is all these people who’ve jumped on the “Anti Bullying” bandwagon but …

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