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27 Oct 2010
Post Thumbnail of Letter 2 Marie Claire

Erica Watson (comedian) just brought to my attention a horrific article written on the Marie Claire website by one of their “journalist”
This article to me is a pure form of hate and if it’s not squashed out now other hateful people will use this as fuel to feed their own …

27 Oct 2010
Post Thumbnail of really? that's funny.

So a couple weeks ago I got asked “Are you showing yet?” .. I was not even 3 months at that point and found the question quite funny. I responded “Do you mean do I look fatter then normal?” “No no no” the person replied as if they had just …

6 Aug 2010
Post Thumbnail of It's becoming harder

ever have those days where you catch yourself in a mirror or see a photo someone took of you and say oh my bleepin god?
Yep that happened to me today and it took everything in me not to ball like a friggin baby.
I have to keep reminding myself that this …

2 Jul 2010
Post Thumbnail of 4 appointments booked

This is a couple days late, as I keep forgetting I can keep track of everything here 😛
My first four appointments have been made in Windsor .. so now my ball is really rolling and I am so excited and so scared all rolled into the big ball …

26 Jun 2010
Post Thumbnail of Someone Called Me Fat Tonight

Yep just what the title says .. well almost anyway it was last night not this
Just a random person who does not know me from a hole in the ground decided she didn’t like me and would attempt to offend me by calling me “FAT”
If I had the pleasure …

3 Jun 2010
Post Thumbnail of countdown 1

The first count down of many has begun.
6 more days until my journey to a new life begins.
Over the next months I will begin to blog about my experience through here as well as video uploads.
I will take everyone along with me on my journey to a new me.
This is …

30 Apr 2010
Post Thumbnail of Thoughts...

I was at the doctors the other day and she said to me and my mother how much I had grown over this past year and how she could see it in everything I did and how articulate I had become.
I have to say I was quite proud and my …

28 Feb 2010
Post Thumbnail of Midnight Muncher

As I head on this quest to getting healthy and learning to understand myself I realized something.
I am a midnight muncher, or late night snacker as some would say.
I can go hours and hours with out eating anything at all but it seems once the clock hits 10pm my tummy …

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