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27 Apr 2015
Post Thumbnail of Body Shamming

I feel compelled once again to address this subject.
I will first have to admit I am a facebook pig. lol. I am there way to often.
But every day when I login. Over and over I see posts body shamming. Skinny girls calling everyone ugly, fat girls saying curves are better, …

19 Feb 2015
Post Thumbnail of New Art 4 The Haters

Meet Boo! She has some feelings for
Yes I’ve come back! It’s been awhile but that’s ok because no one ever reads this blog anyway. Right?
But it’s still MY space on the net. Where I can say whatever I want whenever I wish.
Recently I’ve been seeing a lot of body …

5 Sep 2014
Post Thumbnail of Beauty is not a Number

Beauty is not a number on a scale.
It’s not the number on the pair of pants you buy.
It’s not the letter on that top you wear.
The letter “s” on that shirt does not define your beauty.
Nor does those three letters “xxl”.
The number “0” does not make you better.
The number “4x” …

9 Jun 2014
Post Thumbnail of Growing Up.

I’m starting to really grow up and as I look back on my life I am reminded of what type of person I use to be.
I was not a very nice person. I was kind of a jerk. Specially to those whom I claimed to care for the most.
I’m not …

12 Sep 2013
Post Thumbnail of Open Letter to "Event" magazine Regarding Henry Cavill Issue

I recently came across this image from a June 2013 issue of a magazine called “Event” and I was horrified to see the small print under the main focus “BRITISH SUPERMAN”

“How Henry Cavill overcame obesity and bullying to land the role of his life”
I’d like to bring your attention to …

6 Apr 2013
Post Thumbnail of I Wasn't ...

I wasn’t born tall.
I wasn’t born thin.
I wasn’t born with perfect hair.
I wasn’t born with perfect eye sight or with beautiful eyes.
I wasn’t born with a cute nose or full luscious lips.
I wasn’t born smart or with a genius mind.
I wasn’t born with long perfect legs.
I wasn’t born with a …

30 Dec 2012
Post Thumbnail of Labels

I am going to first start of by saying this is probably going to offend someone, somewhere .. if said someone somewhere actually finds this post and reads it.
In this event I wish to say, my intent is not to offend but to clarify how some people add labels to …

7 Aug 2012
Post Thumbnail of Was THIS really necessary?

Today my mom seen an ad on Facebook regarding thyroid treatment and decided to check it out as it had key words like “Loss of Sleep? Body Pain? Tired?” blah blah blah.
As she was browsing the very first page she came across THIS passage:
Then there’s that secret fear – the …

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