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22 Sep 2010
Post Thumbnail of For the Cowards!

I hate it being late at night I think to much and I tend to be angry most at night and it really screws with my sleep when I am angry.
I’ve been really trying to not allow the negativity of others to effect me but that is so much harder …

23 Jul 2010
Post Thumbnail of Lost

Lost in my world, lost in my mind.
Scared to let go of all thats behind.
I want to believe I’ve found something true.
It’s been so long, it’s all so new.
Scared to believe someone could really love me.
Get lost in my madness, peek in and you’ll see.
I’m so crazy, I’m so scared.
Lost; …

22 Jul 2010
Post Thumbnail of why must they always...

I’ve come to a point in my life where I am on this mission to move forward and stop living and thinking in the past, But with out fail people always manage to bring me down.
And I wish nothing more then to learn the ability to just shut them all …

1 Jun 2010
Post Thumbnail of your special

Sometimes there is just a person that makes you feel so good about yourself.
They make you want to be a better person.
This person can be young or old, they are just Special.
I found my someone special almost 13 years ago when I held her in my arms in her parents …

31 May 2010
Post Thumbnail of ssshhhhh

A friend once told me there are 3 things you should never have conversations about with others …This is one of those topics no one is suppose to talk about.
I’ve headed to church the last 3 weeks and before that I’ve heard many mention the word of god and gods …

9 Apr 2010
Post Thumbnail of Just One Of Those Days

I am seriously just having one of those days…You know those days where everything feels BLAH? Today is a very blah day .. well actually today’s blah began yesterday.
I’ve not actually been to sleep yet, second time this week I’ve been up all night just twiddling my thumbs away trying …

10 Mar 2010
Post Thumbnail of food for thought...

I was on one of my favorite free charity sites today doing my FREE click to donate ( ) and  I came across this poll another member had posted.
It was titled:
Is Appearance Bias something that needs to be addressed more?
I posted my thoughts there but thought I would come …

13 Jan 2010
Post Thumbnail of How To Help Haiti

100,000 people feared dead in a horrific 7.0 earthquake yesterday in Haiti.
Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the world and need our help more then ever right now.
Everyone can do something even if its something as simple as passing this link on to other friends.
You do NOT need …

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