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1 Jan 2010
Post Thumbnail of 2009 final thoughts

There is currently only an hour and a half  left of 2009 and I have no real words of wisdom or joy to sum this year up.
It was the year of lock down for me, as I shut myself off from the world and pretended I was no longer in …

13 Dec 2009
Post Thumbnail of Sticking to your guns

Have you ever backed down after saying or doing something you felt was right but someone else felt was wrong?
Did you back down to avoid confrontation or simply because the person who confronted you scared your pants off?
Over the past couple years I’ve really grown a back bone and I …

21 Nov 2009
Post Thumbnail of trying to pluck out ..

It’s really hard to know what is sneaky spam and what’s not.
I am trying to pluck through my comments and figure out if someone really did drop in and have something nice to say or if it was just a lovely ploy to get me to click their link?!?!
If you …

21 Nov 2009
Post Thumbnail of This is funny

I was playing around on the JibJab website and I have to say there is nothing like a good snowball fight among friends…LOL
It took too long to create but it was so funny to see it when it was done.

17 Oct 2009
Post Thumbnail of The pain was horrible

Last night I think I experienced the worst pain I have ever felt in my life.
I was actually welcoming this surgery I fear so much just so I would never have to feel this pain again.
I am not sure I can really describe the pain but it almost felt like …

7 Oct 2009
Post Thumbnail of bleepin hackers!

I’ve had it up to…ummm HERE with friggin hackers.
Why hack my little old blog man? what did I ever do to you? not much other then speak a voice that you apparently did not enjoy.
Leave my f”in site alone you wads of crap.
Took me 3 hours to figure out what …

25 Sep 2009
Post Thumbnail of weird day...

I swear people have nothing better to do then hack sites of others, and to this very moment I can not imagine why on god’s green earth someone would want to hack my wee little blog here, BUT they did…grrrr
My guys will be proud of me though, I managed to …

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