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27 Apr 2015
Post Thumbnail of Body Shamming

I feel compelled once again to address this subject.
I will first have to admit I am a facebook pig. lol. I am there way to often.
But every day when I login. Over and over I see posts body shamming. Skinny girls calling everyone ugly, fat girls saying curves are better, …

5 Sep 2014
Post Thumbnail of Beauty is not a Number

Beauty is not a number on a scale.
It’s not the number on the pair of pants you buy.
It’s not the letter on that top you wear.
The letter “s” on that shirt does not define your beauty.
Nor does those three letters “xxl”.
The number “0” does not make you better.
The number “4x” …

6 Apr 2013
Post Thumbnail of I Wasn't ...

I wasn’t born tall.
I wasn’t born thin.
I wasn’t born with perfect hair.
I wasn’t born with perfect eye sight or with beautiful eyes.
I wasn’t born with a cute nose or full luscious lips.
I wasn’t born smart or with a genius mind.
I wasn’t born with long perfect legs.
I wasn’t born with a …

19 Feb 2012
Post Thumbnail of 1-2 Dollar Dolphin Sale!

Do you love dolphins? Know someone else who loves dolphins?
Well then do I have a sale for you…Best of all it’s all going to a good cause!
I’ve been collecting dolphins since I was 15 and since then anyone and everyone has bought me anything and everything dolphin…lol
Yep you name it …

6 Dec 2011
Post Thumbnail of phone blogging

Thought I would blog from the phone again as I sit here watching my mother and aunt play yatzee.
I’ve been somewhat sad the past few days and I am not really sure why.
My poor son has not been feeling well either which makes me even more sad to know I …

20 Nov 2011
Post Thumbnail of just testing

I got my website on my phone now and thought I would try and see if it actually works…if you actually see this before I go and check leave me a note

7 Nov 2011
Post Thumbnail of everyone wants acknowledgment

Everyone wants to be acknowledged and feel validated.
And I’m no different.
Sometimes I just feel like I am the only one listening.
And it’s not fun talking to myself.
Don’t get me wrong, my opinion is the only one that really matters it’s just not all about opinions.
I share so much of myself …

4 Nov 2011
Post Thumbnail of Be careful what you buy online!

This is a call to all my graphic friends, I love and appreciate each of you and as an artist myself who is attempting to make a living from this I know just how hard it can be.
But sadly that’s not the case for some out there, I’ve said it …

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