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6 Jan 2011
Post Thumbnail of Buzz Kill

I’ve been thinking about this little ditty of a blog for a while now, Thought to myself how should I say it or how should I word it…the more I thought the more I thought: Just do it! Say it exactly how you want too.
Hey all you dudes out there, …

1 Jan 2011
Post Thumbnail of what do women want?

This is just my own personal take on the subject, my own thoughts and views may be very different from your own but you might also be surprised how many people think this way.
What Women Want: (And Men Too!)
Someone who makes us feel good. Makes us feel sexy and desired.
Someone …

20 Nov 2010
Post Thumbnail of Random Madness

The other day a friend of mine emailed me and asked if I was upset or angry, She’d noticed that a lot of my recent facebook statues were rather angry in tone.
She was actually the only one who seemed to have caught on…lol
It’s not in my happy times nature to …

25 Oct 2010
Post Thumbnail of dramatic overload...

Today I watched a great video by someone on youtube, His name is Sean and he was talking about DRAMA!
And as I sat there and listened to him speak I was thinking to myself; “Man if anyone had a right to be dramatic it’s Sean”. But I had seen another …

15 Oct 2010
Post Thumbnail of I think this is an

not sure how long it’s been since I last updated…but lets just say I am starting to feel a whole lot better then I was just a few weeks ago.
I had no idea morning sickness (all day sickness) was so horrid and would knock me on my ass for a …

22 Sep 2010
Post Thumbnail of excuses excuses

I was having a very interesting conversation with my mother the other days and we both have very different views on this next subject of mine 😛
Have you ever noticed many people have an excuse for their bad behavior?
Like when someone treats you poorly and you call them on it …

22 Sep 2010
Post Thumbnail of For the Cowards!

I hate it being late at night I think to much and I tend to be angry most at night and it really screws with my sleep when I am angry.
I’ve been really trying to not allow the negativity of others to effect me but that is so much harder …

23 Jul 2010
Post Thumbnail of Lost

Lost in my world, lost in my mind.
Scared to let go of all thats behind.
I want to believe I’ve found something true.
It’s been so long, it’s all so new.
Scared to believe someone could really love me.
Get lost in my madness, peek in and you’ll see.
I’m so crazy, I’m so scared.
Lost; …

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