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26 Nov 2014
Post Thumbnail of Adventures in Writing

Awhile ago I was speaking with some friends about dreams I had been having (of the sexual nature) and a couple of them flat out told me “Girl you need to be writing this stuff down.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing OR what they were suggesting.
Many moons ago …

3 Jul 2014
Post Thumbnail of My Superman

Today the very first image of Henry Cavill as Superman for Batman vs Superman was released and I have to say I was very shocked at what I seen.
The detail in the image is great and you start guessing to all the many different ways they may take this movie.
The …

23 Apr 2014
Post Thumbnail of Dealing with Depression

I would first like to start off by saying I didn’t ask for depression nor do I enjoy having it.
Some think that it’s just something you can “Get over” and I wish those words were actually true.
I was diagnosed with depression in my early teens and refused any form of …

7 Jan 2014
Post Thumbnail of That Need To Be Accepted

Lately I have been feeling very lonely, very ugly. I have this inner need to be everything I had always hoped in my head.
To be “that” girl, you know the one who walks in a room and turns heads.
I see all these images on TV and in the movies and …

8 Jul 2011
Post Thumbnail of Don't tell me I can't!

Someone recently said to me “People on disability should not have children” it was in response to a comment someone else had said to me before I got pregnant about how I should not have kids because I am disabled.
This infuriated me! How DARE someone tell me that I can’t …

29 Jun 2011
Post Thumbnail of people love being miserable

I am beginning to think I waste my time trying to pursue the greater good of happiness because the more I get to know people the more I realize most just really enjoy being miserable!
I am not saying I am an exception to the rule as there are days for …

9 Apr 2011
Post Thumbnail of feelin the blues and other issues

I’ve got about 2 weeks to go and then my little ray of sunshine will be welcomed into the world, and I have to say that for me is the most exciting thing happening in my life at the moment.
But no matter how exciting it is I still can’t seem …

23 Oct 2010
Post Thumbnail of taking a break

Over the last couple weeks I’ve tried to get a handle on my own personal life and figure things out on my own.
But sadly there is so much commotion happening around me that I am failing to really focus on what needs to be focused on and that’s me.
In order …

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