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4 Aug 2010
Post Thumbnail of I need you..

I need you to be patient.
Know this is all new to me.
I need you to know I’m scared.
Know my heart has been broken.
When I am with you I feel on top of the world.
When your gone, I long to be next to you.
I don’t know quite how to deal with …

13 May 2010
Post Thumbnail of Amnesty International Dinner

Hello everyone, This year I am hosting yet another Amnesty International dinner for Human Rights!
The dinner will not be until late August, I will post the date on a later date.
This year the fee will be $15 to join in the celebration.
This is a non alcohol party and if you …

23 Oct 2009
Post Thumbnail of Post Surgery..

Well it’s been 2 days now and I never thought I could be in so much pain.
The surgery was a success, but my post up recovery was a little more challenging as my breathing and heart rate went right through the roof, so they had to keep a close …

15 Oct 2009
Post Thumbnail of EKG time woo hoo

I am just sitting here waiting for my medication to kick in so I can head to bed.
Filling the time with games on pogo and cafe world on facebook…lol
Tomorrow I head for my EKG a lovely series of tests to make sure my ticker is ticking properly before they cut …

21 Aug 2009
Post Thumbnail of Starting A New...sorta

I’ve thought long and hard about changing my site over to a blog type deal but never got around to it.
Then suddenly tonight I came in and thought what the heck.
This way I will be able to update way more often, worry less about html coding and just say what …

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