4 Sep 2009
Post Thumbnail of Living with Fibro

I decided to add a section here on my blog about dealing and living with fibromyalgia.
There is still so much I need to learn about this disorder and maybe through this learning proccess I can help educate other’s in learning to not pass judgement on someone who has it.
Fibro is …

26 Aug 2009
Post Thumbnail of Ultrasound time

It’s just after 9pm on the 25th of August and I am getting ready to head to bed.
Tomorrow I head to the clinic to have a full abdominal scan. I have been experiencing pain for awhile now and the doctor wants to rule out anything that could be causing a …

21 Aug 2009
Post Thumbnail of Starting A New...sorta

I’ve thought long and hard about changing my site over to a blog type deal but never got around to it.
Then suddenly tonight I came in and thought what the heck.
This way I will be able to update way more often, worry less about html coding and just say what …

21 Aug 2009
Post Thumbnail of Working Online

This will be just a brief introduction to how I became an online business owner.
A couple years ago I began a battle with the government to win disability and during that time I became very down about not really being able to do much anymore.
My mother had been online marketing …

21 Aug 2009
Post Thumbnail of Bullies 101

I decided to write about my experiences being bullied and how I managed to take that negative energy and turn it into something positive (or at least try to) and what I think of how bullies should be dealt with now that I am older.
We all know kids are cruel, …

21 Aug 2009
Post Thumbnail of Dealing With Sexual Abuse

To tell you my story I will have to take you back many years to where it all first began, the beginning of a very long and seemingly never ending nightmare.
My parents separated when I was around one and a half as my father was a violent alcoholic who went …

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