9 Jun 2014
Post Thumbnail of Growing Up.

I’m starting to really grow up and as I look back on my life I am reminded of what type of person I use to be.
I was not a very nice person. I was kind of a jerk. Specially to those whom I claimed to care for the most.
I’m not …

20 May 2014
Post Thumbnail of Don't dim my sparkle!

I had a real heart to heart with myself last night and I came to some conclusions in not only my own life but in life for everyone in general.
We all have this sparkle inside us and has the ability to shine so bright but for some keeping it lit …

23 Apr 2014
Post Thumbnail of Dealing with Depression

I would first like to start off by saying I didn’t ask for depression nor do I enjoy having it.
Some think that it’s just something you can “Get over” and I wish those words were actually true.
I was diagnosed with depression in my early teens and refused any form of …

7 Jan 2014
Post Thumbnail of That Need To Be Accepted

Lately I have been feeling very lonely, very ugly. I have this inner need to be everything I had always hoped in my head.
To be “that” girl, you know the one who walks in a room and turns heads.
I see all these images on TV and in the movies and …

12 Sep 2013
Post Thumbnail of Open Letter to "Event" magazine Regarding Henry Cavill Issue

I recently came across this image from a June 2013 issue of a magazine called “Event” and I was horrified to see the small print under the main focus “BRITISH SUPERMAN”

“How Henry Cavill overcame obesity and bullying to land the role of his life”
I’d like to bring your attention to …

7 Jul 2013
Post Thumbnail of Share the Scare

It’s been awhile since I posted, but I’ve actually come a very long way in my weight loss journey and it’s rather been in a short period of time.
I am now 8 months post bariatric surgery and I’ve gone from 272 pounds to 151 pounds.
It’s been an up and down …

6 Apr 2013
Post Thumbnail of I Wasn't ...

I wasn’t born tall.
I wasn’t born thin.
I wasn’t born with perfect hair.
I wasn’t born with perfect eye sight or with beautiful eyes.
I wasn’t born with a cute nose or full luscious lips.
I wasn’t born smart or with a genius mind.
I wasn’t born with long perfect legs.
I wasn’t born with a …

29 Mar 2013
Post Thumbnail of Emotional Roller Coaster

I’m nearly 5 months post op and I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster for a few months now.
It all started when I saw other new post ops dropping weight faster then I was, I don’t know why I was not happy with my level of success I just felt …

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