20 Jul 2012
Post Thumbnail of TnT Designs

Mom and I have run our own design company for about 4 years now and we’ve done so much nice work its hard to figure out what to share and where to start.
Last year mom and I let go of our traffic exchanges to focus 100% on TnT Designs, It …

3 May 2012
Post Thumbnail of Feeling lost and lonely

Today I am feeling down in the dumps regarding my WSL (weight loss surgery)
As some of you know I began this journey nearly 3 years ago and then met with little forks in the road that put that on hold…By the way having my son was the greatest road I’ve …

19 Feb 2012
Post Thumbnail of I feel like I'm doing it wrong

I am beginning to think at some points I really have no clue what it is to be a mother
I always feel like there is something I am not doing right or I am not doing enough or I am doing everything wrong.
It feels like at times I don’t …

19 Feb 2012
Post Thumbnail of 1-2 Dollar Dolphin Sale!

Do you love dolphins? Know someone else who loves dolphins?
Well then do I have a sale for you…Best of all it’s all going to a good cause!
I’ve been collecting dolphins since I was 15 and since then anyone and everyone has bought me anything and everything dolphin…lol
Yep you name it …

26 Jan 2012
Post Thumbnail of I live in silence

Many people know nothing about Fibromyalgia or only “think” they know what it is.
For many people living with this chronic pain disorder it is frustrating because we live in silence.
I live in silence because I don’t want your pity.
I live in silence because I don’t want you to look down …

4 Jan 2012
Post Thumbnail of 1st rule..acceptance

I remember when I went to take the fibromyalgia class they have at St. Joe’s hospital, The doctor said to me the first rule you need to know is acceptance.
People who live with a chronic illness struggle daily, but there are so many who are in denial.
“Accept that you have …

14 Dec 2011
Post Thumbnail of Do not assume...

Please do not assume that because I am fat that I think less of myself!
Do not assume that because I know I am fat that for some reason I also think that I am ugly.
Don’t assume that because I am fat that I will settle for just anyone who will …

14 Dec 2011
Post Thumbnail of What's Going On....

Ok firstly I have to say I have no real idea how I should write this or where to even start, but rather then type the same story over and over to everyone I know I thought I would post a little ditty on my blog and those who wanted …

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