6 Dec 2011
Post Thumbnail of phone blogging

Thought I would blog from the phone again as I sit here watching my mother and aunt play yatzee.
I’ve been somewhat sad the past few days and I am not really sure why.
My poor son has not been feeling well either which makes me even more sad to know I …

20 Nov 2011
Post Thumbnail of just testing

I got my website on my phone now and thought I would try and see if it actually works…if you actually see this before I go and check leave me a note

7 Nov 2011
Post Thumbnail of everyone wants acknowledgment

Everyone wants to be acknowledged and feel validated.
And I’m no different.
Sometimes I just feel like I am the only one listening.
And it’s not fun talking to myself.
Don’t get me wrong, my opinion is the only one that really matters it’s just not all about opinions.
I share so much of myself …

4 Nov 2011
Post Thumbnail of Be careful what you buy online!

This is a call to all my graphic friends, I love and appreciate each of you and as an artist myself who is attempting to make a living from this I know just how hard it can be.
But sadly that’s not the case for some out there, I’ve said it …

15 Oct 2011
Post Thumbnail of Still Time To Save!

There is still time to save on all your holiday graphics.
Until October 31st TnT Designs is offering buy 1 splash page for $15 and get your 2nd splash for just $5!
Buy 1 banner for $5 get your 2nd banner for just a buck!
We’re also now offering pre-made splash pages.
Get one …

2 Oct 2011
Post Thumbnail of The Great Pretender

In the words of Freddie Mercury – Ohh yes I’m the great pretender, A drift in a world of my own. I’ve played the game but to my real shame, You’ve left me to dream all alone….
But unlike Freddie Mercury I am not referring to myself…But the people I’ve come …

21 Sep 2011
Post Thumbnail of This needs to stop...

I sometimes really wonder what the hell is wrong with people!
To my dismay this evening I was over at Perez Hilton’s site and found this tragic story of a 14 year old boy who committed suicide because he was being bullied so badly because of his sexuality.
It brought me to …

14 Sep 2011
Post Thumbnail of Spooky Saving With TnT Designs!

This halloween season we’re giving you all the chance to get affordable graphics for even better prices!
In need of a new splash page for your members to use?
Maybe a personalize splash page just for you?
How about some spooky-rific banners?
Halloween surfbar icons?
Got Ray Dube’s game page? We can hook you up …

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