Officially Tami Croft!

My Music

Even though I no longer do music, I am very proud of what I have achieved over the years, I love the songs I recorded and they will be a great gift to pass down to my children. To say to them "see I did it!" I may have never been successful or make a whole lot of money, but I went out their with a passion and a great love of music and entertianing and to be very honest that is so very rare in this industry these days.

Listen to 4 of my songs on MYSPACE:
Tracks: Did Ya?, I dont want you, My Friend and Alive
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Check out a couple of my songs made into Videos.
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"Ordinary World: By Duran Duran"

"Here comes the rain again: By Eurythmics"

"One Of Us: By Joan Osborn"

"Like a Prayer: By Madonna"

"Whats Up?: By 4 non blondes"

My Websites

TnT Designs - is a site I designed to help promote a passion of mine and my mothers. A real love for art!.
My mothers comes in the form of Poser 3D artwork and mine is in pixel artwork.
Together we share in a joy of art and we get to help each other with projects and ideas. It's a whole lot of fun!
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I am also the co-owner of the following 2 sites

Waters Edge Hits

I help my mother run these following sites:

Relentless Chaos